I am a British journalist and photographer, and a lover of travel, adventure, writing, learning, food and good conversation. What I love most is when all of these things come together.

And so in February 2013 I decided to swap my job in TV current affairs for life as a freelance war reporter. I packed my bags and left for the Middle East furnished with a notebook, a camera and a flak jacket. And somehow it worked out OK – I got regular work reporting from Syria for the pan-Arab daily Asharq al-Awsat, and five months later I moved to Istanbul.

This blog is the place where I write about the things that don’t make the articles – the bits in between the headlines, the stories that fall between the cracks. The stuff that’s left unused in my notebook after I’ve submitted my copy, but really deserves to be written about.

The views here are all my own and do not reflect any publication that I work for. Enjoy, criticise and share.

To contact me personally please email me at hannah_lucinda_smith@yahoo.co.uk


7 thoughts on “About

  1. Your post about the Hezbollah mug betrays your childishly naive bias: “Nasrallah and his minions.”. The “rebels” you are so heroically championing in martyred Aleppo, are they the minions of a Saudi prince? Aren’t they the minions of someone somewhere? Do they receive orders? Money? Armements? Where from?

    According to you, Nasrallah’s minions fire on people they dislike, usually israelis. Have you asked yourself if Israeli soldiers fire on people they like? Do they ever fire their arms? Did they ever drop bombs on the very same people you mock as “minions” in Lebanon?

    You are such a pretentious “believer” for someone pretending to be a “journalist”.

  2. Please read my articles before you accuse me of championing anyone in Syria. I champion no-one except the people who are stuck there, because actually I believe that it has now descended into such a chaotic mess that no-one is in the ‘right’.

    If you had read my article about Molham, and others that I have written about al Qaeda in Syria, you would know that I dislike their recruitment tactics and treatment of the local population as much as I dislike those of Hezbollah. In fact, I think that the two groups have more in common than they have to distinguish them from each other, because both rely on young men from poor communities in desperate situations to be their foot soldiers. Both rule not through respect but through fear. And both are willing to kill innocent people for political ends. I dislike extremism and tyranny in any of its guises.

    I have my own opinions on Israel, but I have never been to that country, or to Palestine, and never reported on it, so I shall keep them to myself. One day, when and if I go there, I will report on that conflict in the same way as I have been reporting from Syria – by being there, and listening to what the people are saying.

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